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Super Tubing Mascara

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With the Super Tubing Mascara, every lash is lifted, lengthened and made intensely black without lumps for a voluminous look. You don't have to worry about your mascara running out. Thanks to the soft tubing formula, you do not damage the lashes during the removal of the mascara and the product remains perfectly in place under any circumstances.
Easy to remove: With a cotton pad and warm water.

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Discover the Super Tubing Mascara, the mascara that precisely coats each lash with light 'tubes' for maximum length! No hassle with clumps, just perfectly defined lashes that last all day.

These tubes are water resistant, smudge resistant and stay on without clumping. They are gentle on your lashes and sensitive eyes and can be easily removed by simply soaking them with warm water. No hassle with aggressive make-up removers.

Our tubing mascara provides dramatic length, definition and curl to each lash, without the need for glue! Our revolutionary formula, developed with Flake-Free Tubing Technology™, ensures that your lashes stay perfectly defined, without clumps, flakes or smudges.

Why the Super Tubing Mascara?

• Enriched with Flake free tubing technology™
• Lightweight water-proof formulation
• Includes a pointed applicator for definition and
• Easy to remove with warm water
• Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested

Effective ingredients

Enriched with acacia senegal gum
Known for its anti-inflammatory properties and moisture retention, it gives this mascara a creamy texture.

Synthetic beeswax
With moisture retention properties, perfect for anyone allergic to natural beeswax. Gives the mascara the right viscosity for easy shaping of the eyelashes.

Super Tubing Mascara

Real results

  • Length

    Experienced a definite lift in their lashes

  • Definition

    Found the applicator added length and definition

  • Smudging

    Didn't experience any clumping or smudging

  • Feeling

    Found it gentle on lashes and sensitive eyes

60 respondents between the ages of 18 and 65. Used daily for two months

By eyelash type:

  • Thin eyelashes

    Start by applying a small layer at the tip of your lashes (1-3 coats).

    Then start at the roots of your lashes and slowly move up in a zigzag motion.

  • Fine eyelashes

    Start from the roots and go up in one swipe as you normally would, going for a second layer to create a voluminous effect.

  • Curled eyelashes

    Tilt your head back and start moving up from the roots of your lashes in a zigzag motion.

  • Straight eyelashes

    Start at the roots of your lashes and move up in a rolling motion for maximum length and all-day wear.

Before & After



Brush length

An applicator with a purpose: Length and definition

  • With the granular bristles you experience one perfect separation and lengthening in one movement
  • The spherical tip adds extra volume exactly where needed and shapes the lashes into the desired shape for a final, refined curl effect
  • The extended length of these bristles makes it possible to reach even the smallest eyelashes in the corners of the eyes
  • The conical brush has a soft texture for a comfortable brush

Good to know

  • Safe

    Ophthalmologist tested and clinically proven

  • Effectiveness

    Instant longer lashes with curl and definition!

  • Guarantee

    Top ratings from satisfied customers around the world

  • Hypoallergenic

    The best solution for sensitive eyes


List of ingredients



For maximum volume, start with the brush at the base of your lashes and slowly sweep from root to tip to define and lengthen each lash.

Apply additional layers while lashes are still wet to enjoy a flawless, clump-free look all day long!


How long does the mascara keep after opening?

After opening, our mascaras have a shelf life of 6 months. However, we recommend changing them every 3 months for hygienic reasons.

Is the Super Tubing Mascara waterproof?

Our Super Tubing Mascara is water resistant and lasts all day without clumping, streaking or crumbling. Our innovative tubing formula stays in place even during rain, sweat, tears and other everyday activities that can cause your eyes to water. We designed it this way so that it is easy to apply and remove.

How do I remove the tubing mascara?

What we love most about our tubing formula is how easy it is to remove. All you need is warm water and the tubes slide right off. Wet a cotton pad well with warm water and let it rest on your lashes for 30 seconds. Then use your fingers or the cotton pad to wipe in slow downward motions. Alternatively, you can also moisten your fingers with warm water and gently slide the tubes off your eyelashes.