Welcome to Ecuri Beauty, where we strive for the very best care together with you. We understand that you want to surround your body with nothing less than optimal care. But let's face it, in the sea of ​​cosmetic and personal care products, finding true effectiveness has become a real challenge. That's where we come in.

You know that feeling of being overwhelmed when you browse endless brands with ingredients that seem to speak a cryptic language? We fully understand. And we are here to change this.

Ecuri Beauty

Ecuri Beauty originated from a deep-rooted conviction: everyone deserves the right and most effective care. This belief is our fuel. Floating on a passion for continuous improvement and driven by innovation and unparalleled transparency. With tireless dedication, we create and present a carefully curated collection of cosmetics and care products. Each product embraces and enhances your authentic beauty.

1. Effective innovation

Our door is open for you to enter the Ecuri experience. Step inside and discover a world where science and nature come together in harmony. Each product from the Ecuri beauty lab is developed with the aim of creating the most effective and lasting effectiveness. Based on natural ingredients and enhanced with scientific innovation. This translates to results that are nothing short of astonishing.

2. Your trust, our duty

We understand that trust is an essential ingredient in your grooming routine. At Ecuri Beauty we put everything on the table, so that you can choose and shine with certainty.

3. Sustainability for your body and nature

Our core values ​​not only embrace your well-being, but also that of nature. We believe in sustainability and strive for a balance between effectiveness and respect for our environment.

Started in 1967

Ecuri emerged in 1967 as one of the very first permanent make-up salons in the Netherlands. A legacy handed down from mother to son brought Ecuri Cosmetics to life in 1985. What started as a seed has now grown into a world leader in innovative PMU products and renowned educators in the field of eyelashes, eyebrows and permanent make-up.

The unique challenges faced by Ecuri Cosmetics' customers worldwide were the inspiration and driving force to create Ecuri Beauty.

As Ecuri Beauty takes a journey that is already 50 years old, we invite you to embark on a new path to radiant care with us.