Waarom zijn lange wimpers mooi?

Why are long eyelashes beautiful?

Cultures vary around the world and so do beauty ideals, but some of them are pretty much universal across cultures. An example of this is long eyelashes. Long, full lashes are a sign of healthy and attractive eyes. They can improve your appearance and boost your confidence. Men and women with long eyelashes are generally perceived as more attractive and healthier by partners.

But why are long eyelashes so beautiful? In this blog, we discuss some of the main reasons why long eyelashes are so attractive.

Accentuate the eyes

One of the main reasons is that long lashes help a lot in highlighting the eyes.

Lashes create a natural border around the eyes and help create a look that is both attractive and inviting. The eyes are the place people look at most when they are trusting or close to someone, after all they are the center of your face.

Eyelashes also help protect the eyes from dirt, dust and other contaminants.

Innocence and reliability

Second, long eyelashes make your eyes look bigger.

This is especially helpful if you have smaller eyes and like to make them look bigger. Women with larger eyes are seen as younger and attractive by men. Studies suggest this is because big eyes inspire innocence and trustworthiness.

Long lashes can also create an optical illusion that makes your eyes look deeper. This creates a powerful but attractive look in the eyes.

Health and Fertility

Third, long eyelashes are a sign of health. Eyelashes grow just like other hairs on our body and someone who is healthy will have hair that grows faster and fuller than someone who is not. This means that when your eyelashes are long and full, it is a sign that your body is healthy and capable of producing healthy hair.

Many conditions, specifically autoimmune conditions, affect the lashes. Women and men who have beautiful full eyelashes are therefore seen as fertile in many cultures (consciously and unconsciously). This is not very surprising, since many autoimmune diseases are also bad for your fertility.

Beauty with minimal make up

Fourth, long eyelashes can make you look more beautiful in a glance. They are not seen as one of the seven beauties for nothing. If you have long eyelashes, the effect of a mascara will also be many times more intense for that wow effect. This means you don't have to put on a minimum amount of make-up to still look radiant.

Self-confidence boost

Finally, long eyelashes can boost your confidence. Long eyelashes immediately catch the eye and men and women who have it receive continuous compliments about it. It goes without saying that this makes people more self-confident and gives them a positive self-image.

How do you get beautiful long eyelashes?

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In summary, long eyelashes are attractive because they accentuate the eyes, make them bigger, are a sign of health, can improve your appearance without much makeup and boost your self-confidence. If you are looking for an effective way to get long eyelashes, we recommend our Ecuri super lash eyelash serum. This serum can transform your eyelashes into real long lashes in weeks.