Kruidvat eyelash serum

Kruidvat wimperserum

If you have ever googled eyelash serums, you have also come across the Kruidvat eyelash serum. This serum made a lot of headlines a while ago with its effective formulation and cheap price. Unfortunately, this product was eventually taken off the shelves because the food and drug authorities found a substance in it that they believed was not allowed. In this blog we want to tell you more about this because the story of the Kruidvat eyelash serum also relates to the Ecuri Superlash.

The Kruidvat eyelash serum became very popular in a short time as many of you know and seen as the ultimate eyelash serum among many consumers. Cheap and effective! Of course, Kruidvat needed some inspiration for their successful eyelash serum to make it happen. This is where we from the Superlash eyelash serum come into the picture.

Our eyelash serum has been on the market for 15 years and has proven its effect and effectiveness. As you can see below, the Ecuri superlash eyelash serum and the original Kruidvat Superlash are very similar. We are therefore very flattered that Kruidvat has used us as an example to create their original eyelash serum.

Similarities between Superlash and Kruidvat super lash


Both serums had a simple formulation, namely one ingredient that actually stimulated hair growth directly. For that was (and still is) Keratinocyte growth factor and for the Kruidvat super lash this was bimatoprost.

Both our Superlash and the Kruidvat superlash did not contain any proteins or plant extracts to stimulate the eyelash hairs. All growth was mainly made possible by the above substances.


Both packages had a simple picture of beautiful eyelashes with a white background next to it.


Believe it or not, the Kruidvat superlash eyelash serum is largely based on our Ecuri superlash name (after all, it has been almost exactly the same!)

Kruidvat eyelash serum and Superlash: the difference

The difference between the two serums was in the active substance that was used, namely bimatoprost (herb) and Keratinocyte growth factor (Ecuri Superlash). Our growth factor is a proven, safe and effective substance that stimulates eyelash hairs to grow. In addition, this substance is not covered by the Medicines Act. It can also be said about bimatoprost that this is a very effective, proven and even safe substance.

We say this because unlike many ingredients used in eyelash serums, bimatoprost is a substance that has been thoroughly researched in the scientific literature. It has continuously emerged that if it is administered correctly and the correct concentration is used, it is a safe means to extend the eyelashes. We therefore understand the choice of Kruidvat to put this remedy in the eyelash serum.