Eyelash serum: Side effects and allergies

At Ecuri Beauty, we put everything on the table so you can choose an eyelash serum with certainty. We are transparent like no other about the effects and workings of eyelash serums. In this article, we discuss how side effects occur, which ones can occur, and how you can minimize these effects when choosing an eyelash serum.

No eyelash serum is immune to side effects

No cosmetic product is immune to side effects or allergic reactions. Regardless of whether it is vegan, has an all-natural ingredient list, or even contains only a single ingredient. The occurrence of an allergic reaction or side effect is always possible. Every skin is unique, so there is always a small chance that your skin will react negatively to it.

How do side effects or allergic reactions occur with an eyelash serum?

Eyelash serums contain active ingredients designed to promote eyelash growth, volume and health. However, some people may be sensitive to certain ingredients, which can lead to allergic reactions or side effects.

The most common causes are:

1. Chemical composition: Some people react to certain ingredients used in eyelash serums. It is crucial to read and understand the ingredient list carefully.
2. Hypersensitivity: Individual sensitivity varies. Even natural ingredients can cause a reaction.
3. Improper use: Side effects can also occur as a result of improper use. Violating the directions on the package may pose risks.

Possible side effects or allergic reactions with eyelash serum use:

Every eyelash serum has a chance of side effects. On average, about 3% of eyelash serum users react negatively to a serum. Of course, this varies by eyelash serum brand. The reactions or side effects listed below can occur.

Most common:

These are mild side effects that go away on their own with dose reduction or discontinuation of use. Irritation of the eyes: This can translate to having red eyes, itchy eyes or sometimes watery eyes.

  • Skin irritation: Irritation of the skin on the lash line.
  • Redness and swelling: Hypersensitive reactions can lead to visible signs of inflammation.

Reactions that occur very rarely:

These are negative reactions of the body that require you to stop using immediately. These may also pass on their own. But we always recommend contacting your doctor and the manufacturer of the eyelash serum.

  • Swollen eyes/ discharge from the eyes: If you get an allergic reaction, stop using the eyelash serum immediately and contact your doctor.
  • Discoloration of the iris may not happen if administered correctly: There is a lot of talk about iris discoloration and the use of bimatoprost in eyelash serums. This has been well researched in several studies. When this was used as eyelash extension with the proper method of administration, this did not happen. In addition to this, it is illegal to use Bimatoprost in eyelash serums.

Good to know: The Ecuri Superlash is an eyelash serum without Bimatoprost.

You can read all about bimatoprost and eyelash serums here

Reduce the risk of side effects and allergies with an eyelash serum

Minimizing side effects requires a two-pronged approach: the manufacturer must create a safe and effective product, while you must use it responsibly.

As the manufacturer of the Ecuri Superlash eyelash serum, we have carefully developed the formulation to ensure optimal effectiveness with minimal risk of side effects. For 15 years our eyelash serum formula has been refined. Which has minimized the risk of side effects.

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How can I reduce chances of side effects or an allergic reaction?

1. By testing if you are sensitive to the ingredients.
2. By continuing to follow the instructions for use carefully.

Test if you are sensitive to the ingredients:
Check the ingredient list. If you come across something you know you are sensitive to, it is wise to consider whether you want to use the product at all. If you decide to try it, there are two simple methods to test your sensitivity:

1. Perform a skin test on a less sensitive area of your body, such as your fingers or forearm, before applying the product around your eyes.
2. Start by using a lower dose. For example, with half the recommended dose and repeat for several days.

No side effects? On either or both of these methods? Then chances are you are suitable for using your eyelash serum. However, this does not mean that it is 100% guaranteed. Sensitivities to substances can change over weeks, months and years.

Apply the eyelash serum correctly! The skin around the eye is very thin. Because of this, it absorbs serums very well.

  • Never exceed the recommended dose. Once a day really means once a day!
  • Apply correctly. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, apply the serum on top of the lash line and avoid contact with the eyes. If it does get into the eyes, rinse immediately with warm water.

What to do in case of an allergic reaction:

If you have developed irritated eyes, reducing the dose or temporarily discontinuing the eyelash serum is enough. If the symptoms persist, the eyelash serum is probably not suitable for you and we recommend discontinuing its use. If the above complaints persist after discontinuing the eyelash serum, we recommend contacting your GP and the manufacturer of the eyelash serum.

Do you have further questions? We are happy to help you, even if your eyelash serum is not from Ecuri Beauty.

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