Eyelash serum without bimatoprost

When you delve into the world of eyelash serums, you are bound to come across the ingredient Bimatoprost. In this article, we will take you through the background of Bimatoprost, how it got into eyelash serum products, and why it is banned in Europe.

Eyelash serum without Bimatoprost

Already good to know: The Ecuri Superlash eyelash serum does not contain Bimatoprost. This serum is distinguished by its natural composition, with amino acids, peptides and a powerful growth factor that provides a powerful stimulus to eyelash growth.

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What is Bimatoprost?

Bimatoprost is a synthetic prostaglandin used to promote the growth of eyelash hairs. It extends the growth phase of eyelashes, making them longer before they eventually fall out.

Why was it added to eyelash serums?

Bimatoprost's effect on eyelash growth was discovered by accident when it occurred as a side effect in patients being treated for the eye disease Glaucoma. Patients with glaucoma have increased blood pressure in the eye. Bimatoprost was dripped directly into the eye for several months, and in the test group, it soon became apparent that the patients gained longer eyelashes.After the discovery of Bimatoprost's eyelash lengthening effects, it was quickly integrated into cosmetic products specifically aimed at stimulating eyelash growth, without medical necessity.

Why is Bimatoprost banned?

Adding Bimatoprost to cosmetic products without a medical reason violates the drug law. This means that Bimatoprost is not banned as an ingredient, but may only be prescribed for medical purposes.

Bimatoprost and iris discoloration

When searching for information about Bimatoprost, the term "iris discoloration" often comes up. This is related to studies in which patients who used Bimatoprost to treat glaucoma eventually showed iris discoloration.

While this may sound troubling, it is important to understand the context.

These studies involved the use of Bimatoprost directly on the iris, which is not the case with eyelash serums. Even if Bimatoprost were present in an eyelash serum, it would be safe, provided the concentration and administration are correct.Unlike in the past, Bimatoprost has now been extensively studied in scientific literature for the stimulation of eyelash hair length. No iris discoloration has been reported in studies focused on the eyelash growth effect of Bimatoprost.

Eyelash serum without Bimatoprost

The Ecuri Beauty eyelash serum does not contain bimatoprost.

One of the key ingredients in Ecuri Superlash is KGF, which stands for Keratinocyte Growth Factor. This natural ingredient stimulates the growth of eyelash hairs without the risks posed by Bimatoprost. In addition, Ecuri Beauty Superlash has a simple and efficient ingredient list, which also makes it ideal for anyone with sensitive eyes.

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