Most Frequently Asked Questions: Ecuri Beauty Superlash

Want to know more about the Ecuri Superlash Eyelash serum? In this article we answer the most frequently asked questions about the Superlash. Is your question not listed? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

How does it work?

The unique formula of the lash serum gives your lashes more volume, length and care.

Length: Extends the growth phase of eyelash hairs, giving them longer to grow.

Volume: Your eyelashes are strengthened and retain more moisture, making your eyelashes thicker

Care: The KGF growth factor provides additional building blocks for stronger and healthier eyelashes

Definition: The KGF growth factor not only stimulates growth, but also creates darker eyelashes by promoting pigment production.

Is the Ecuri Beauty Eyelash Serum suitable for me?

Anyone who wants to condition and give definition to their lashes, regardless of lash length or thickness, can use the Ecuri eyelash serum. Moreover, it is ideal for people whose lashes need extra care, such as when using eyelash extensions, frequent rubbing, makeup, damage from an eyelash curler or stress-related hair loss.

My eyes are sensitive, can I use the Super lash?

Absolutely, our formulation is specially designed for sensitive skin. With its soothing ingredients and short ingredient list, there is little chance of your skin reacting the wrong way.

Does the serum work on men?

Yes, the eyelash serum can also be used by men.

I am pregnant, can I use the serum?

Anyone still under treatment for chemotherapy, pregnant, breastfeeding women and consumers under the age of 18 we do not recommend using the serum.

What can I expect from the Ecuri Beauty Superlash?

Every body and lifestyle is different. As a result, the speed and results vary from person to person. On average we see the following:

After 3 to 4 weeks: Visibly longer lashes with more definition.

5 to 8 weeks: Thicker and longer lashes.

9 to 12 weeks: Noticeably fuller, longer and darker lashes.Daily and proper use is essential for optimal effect!

I have been using it for a week but notice that two or three lashes a day are falling out. Is this normal?

This is not a side effect of the serum, often when someone experiences this it falls under spring lash loss. A second reason may be that the hairs in the resting phase are being pushed out at an accelerated rate by the serum to make way for new hairs that are in the growth phase.

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How do I use Ecuri beauty Eyelash serum?

Step 1: Make your skin and your eyes clean, dry and free of makeup.

Step 2: Apply controlled 1 time the serum from the top of the roots of your upper eyelash hairs.

Step 3: Then cut lightly so that it also your lower eyelash hairs are moistened. Leave this on for 10 to 15 minutes.

Kan ik de serum combineren met een mascara?

You can combine Ecuri Superlash with mascara, as long as you follow the instructions on the package insert. Apply the serum in the evening and use your favorite mascara in the morning for a beautiful effect.

Kan ik het gebruiken met contactlezen?

Yes, definitely. Remove your contact lenses and apply the serum to both upper eye rims. Then wait 15-20 minutes, after this you can put your contact lenses back on.

Does it make sense if I use it more often or use more at a time?

No unfortunately not. In fact, this can have a detrimental effect. The formulation is precisely tuned to allow the right amount per application to be absorbed by your skin. Your skin can only absorb a limited amount at a time. Using more than recommended will only increase the risk of side effects.

How long does a tube of serum last?

When used according to theinstructions, that means once every two eyes, the 3.5 Ecuri super lash lasts about 3 months.


The Ecuri beauty Superlash eyelash serum consists of two ingredient groups. The KFG - growth factor and supporting ingredients.

What are the main hair growth stimulating ingredients of the Ecuri super lash?

Keratinocyte Grwoth Factor (KGF):
This is a growth factor that, like a prostaglandin analog, gives the hair longer time to be in the growth phase of the hair growth cycle. It also pushes hairs that are not yet in the growth phase faster, so that more hairs are growing at the same time than before.

What are the supporting ingredients?

Citric acid:
Used in cosmetics as a skin exfoliant for a fresher and tighter appearance. It is also also an antioxidant that prevents aging of the skin.

Disodium Phosophate:
Helps stabilize the formulation and increases the shelf life of the serum

Cellulose Eraser:
Stabilizes the Ecuri formulation and retains moisture in the skin around the eyes

What ingredients does the Ecuri super lash eyelash serum contain?

Ingredients: purified water,
Sodium chloride, Benzalkonium chloride, Citric acid, Disodium phosphate, Cellulose gum, Grow factor (kgf)

Is this product oil free?

The Ecuri super lash eyelash serum is a water-based serum and is therefore oil-free.

Is the Ecuri super lash tested on animals?

No, Ecuri super lash is complete

Where was this product produced?

The Ecuri super lash is made in the Netherlands under strict regulations.

Are there any side effects?

Although side effects are rare thanks to the skin-friendly formulation, it is possible that your skin may react negatively to them. The following side effects may occur: watering or red eyes or darkening of the skin around the eyes. This will go away on its own when you stop using it.

Can I get iris discoloration from this serum?

When used correctly, Ecuri Super Lash does not enter the eyes and cannot have any physiological effect on your eyes, including the color of your iris.

The skin around the eye is very thin and sensitive. Because of this, it absorbs the eyelash serum very well. Therefore, never use more than the recommended amount per 24 hours.
Does the serum end up in your eye anyway? Then wash your eye immediately with warm water.

What should I do in case of side effects?

If you experience side effects, we recommend the following:In case of mild irritation: we recommend using the product 2-3 times a week for the first week. Then continue using the product as directed. If the irritation persists, stop using the product. In case of an allergic reaction: stop using the serum immediately and contact your doctor.